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AdvanTec Global Innovations - Corporate Social Responsibility

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AdvanTec Global Innovations - Corporate Social Responsibility

The AdvanTec Global group of companies commitment to the community is strong and is focussed on giving back to the local community as well as to international charities.

The Miller family has been instrumental in the creation of the Kuwasha International Development Society (KIDS) As the co-founder and significant financial funding partner of the charity, Brad Miller's involvement is key to numerous success stories that have come out of this charity.  Mr. Miller and his family visit the schools and community centre, in Uganda, annually to volunteer their time and visit the children who's lives are touched through this charity.

Kuwasha provides financial support to the Kuwasha Kibaale Community Centre and Kuwasha Timothy Girls High School which operates five schools, a clinic and various community development projects in the Rakai district of Uganda. The 1500 nursery, primary, secondary and vocational students receive a quality education, two meals a day, and medical care. The community centre and schools are located in an area affected by extreme poverty and high rates of HIV/AIDS. The schools offer opportunities to the neediest children in the area, and this education transforms each student’s life and the lives of their families.

Since the schools started opertating in 1993, they have seen hundreds of students overcome many challenges and successfully complete their education. Many of the students have gone on to complete university and are contributing to the on-going development of their nation.

Additionally, Brad is connected with and supports the following charities which are also involved with poverty relief, education and community development.

For more info or to support Kuwasha, please visit their website at

Brad Miller and Rick Hansen are not only personal friends, they have collaborated on many projects helping disabled people live full and productive lives.  The AdvanTec Group developed a wheelchair lift for marine applications allowing the wheelchair bound to access boats more easily.  Mr. Miller has also worked with Rick on fundraisers as well as personally donating to the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Rick Hansen Foundation -

WE Charity (We Day Canada) – WE empowers change with resources that create sustainable impact. WE does this through domestic programs like WE Schools, and internationally through WE Villages. The unique partnership with ME to WE, a social enterprise, ensures that WE Charity achieves a remarkable rate of financial efficiency, with an average of 90 percent of donations going directly to youth-serving programs.

Watoto - The story of Watoto is one of hope, transformation and empowerment. Since 1994, Watoto has enabled thousands of disadvantaged children and adults to regain control of their lives and to realise their potential.

Some other local charities that the Miller family supports are:

Camp Kerry Society -
Sidney Lion Food Bank -
Classrooms for Africa -