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Vertically integrated capabilities and services

Combining the capabilities of our group's brands (Surround Technologies, Advanced Flow Systems and Advanced Bending Technologies) AdvanTec has managed to streamline industrial manufacturing to its simplest form. By creating a single point of contact between the client and our industrial group, AdvanTec Industrial has not only improved the experience for our clients but has also simplified internal processes to efficiently realize our clients vision.

Our group reduces costs by leveraging our combined abilities to purchase materials in large quantities, constantly monitor and analyze market trends for raw material costs and rely on our robust supply chain to ensure we maintain our parts and materials inventory.

Our value is not only in manufacturing but also in our intrinsic need to help our clients tackle complex problems. We add value by helping our clients improve their designs (DFMA) to enhancing product performance and safety, making them more economical to operate and maintain, as well as reduce transportation costs to their desired markets. We maintain a qualified workforce of highly skilled workers that are certified in many types of manufacturing skills and abilities allowing us to quickly scale manufacturing to meet the growing needs of the market.

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