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Why Choose AdvanTec Industrial as your contract manufacturing partner?

AdvanTec Industrial is unparalleled in its service offering due to its ability to vertically integrate Surround Technologies, Advanced Flow Systems and Advanced Bending Technologies. By combining the capabilities of our companies and utilizing our engineering, production and project management teams, we can offer unmatched solutions to our clients.

Purchasing Power

AdvanTec Industrial is able to obtain volume pricing on raw materials, components, parts and other items by combining the purchasing power of our group of companies.  These savings translate into better pricing for our clients, helping to reduce the cost of manufacturing.  Our supply chain team is also able to control inventory levels to ensure we have adequate supply of materials to complete work on time as well as successfully manage aggressive increases in production.

Vertical Integration of AdvanTec Global Innovations companies

AdvanTec Industrial is not just a sum of its individual brands but it also relies on AdvanTec Marine to further leverage their combined capabilities and minimize additional costs/margins associated with manufacturing outsourcing.  Our ability to share resources across our group of companies, and our two divisions (Industrial & Marine), allows us to maintain flexibility in allocation of resources to help our clients rapidly scale up.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our unique manufacturing process is what sets us apart.  We follow this process from our first meeting with our clients to the final delivery of their products.  Our ability to manage complex projects relies on this process and form the cornerstone of our project management team.  The process we follow gives confidence to our clients that we can measure our progress on even the most complex projects from start to finish.  Our ability to plan the entire manufacturing process allows our customers to focus on their business while we build their products with the strength of a world class team in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Lean more about our process.

Manufacturing Engineering and Capabilities

The AdvanTec Industrial division's diverse capabilities allow our customers to benefit from our combined experience and diverse talents. Our team is able to combine resources to facilitate very complex demands and to help our clients make their products manufacturing friendly (DFMA). Our group manages all aspects of the manufacturing process allowing us to control costs, quality and maintain expected build schedules.

We specialize in helping our customers design their products for manufacturing by highlighting potential risks in the product design, selected materials and previous manufacturing process.  Our manufacturing engineers know how to maintain product process designs while making them easier to manufacture, thus reducing cost while ensuring high quality. Learn more about our manufacturing services and capabilities.

AdvanTec Industrial Facilities

The AdvanTec Industrial division's companies are conveniently located on the West Coast of North America.  Our locations are strategically located near our customers as well as close to major transportation routes for ease of shipping products to global markets.  AdvanTec Industrial is able to allocate production amongst our various locations with ease to allow for our clients to scale up production while maintaining expected production schedules.

Our facilities are all equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery and are staffed by a highly skilled labour force.  Our engineering teams are strategically positioned to ensure their ease of access throughout the entire manufacturing process. Learn more about our Canadian and US facilities.

Our Sales Team

Our sales team has a wide variety of industry experience and a deep understanding of all the markets we serve.  This expertise allows us to work more closely with our clients through the consultation phase of our process.  The sales team understands our manufacturing capabilities and know how best to leverage them to meet our customer unique products needs so that our clients can be presented with the best options to meet their needs.  Whether it is leveraging the capabilities of one or all of our group of companies, our sales team works together with our clients to solve simple and very complex requirements.  Meet our sales team.

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Why AdvanTec Industrial
Why AdvanTec Industrial
Why AdvanTec Industrial
Why AdvanTec Industrial
Why AdvanTec Industrial